Substrate Glossary

What they are, where they come from, and why we love them.

The substrates we use are carefully chosen for their green credentials, as well as quality and texture. We believe in being transparent, especially about the materials we use and their effect on the environment, so the information here is totally honest. Our materials offer the best possible environmental standards that we are aware of, whilst retaining perfect print quality. If you know of anything better*, please do contact us and let us know!



100% recycled, incredible whiteness and smooth to the touch.

We chose Evolution for our recycled uncoated stock. Evolution is made from 100% post-consumer fibres – that’s the stuff we recycle at home and work. It’s great to know that your unwanted old love-letters could be reincarnated as a wedding invitation.
This premium uncoated material is so brilliantly white, you would hardly believe it’s recycled! Uncoated has a smooth feel and a more absorbent surface than coated stocks, meaning it is not reflective, images appear flatter and colours are natural.

Recycled Uncoated paper



75% recycled, excellent bulk, superb print quality.

We use Evolution Satin for our silk coated stock. Evolution’s silk material is 75% post-consumer, and the rest is responsibly sourced from well-managed forests. We picked this material because it’s available in a wide range of weights and prints very well. Silk is the term for a semi-gloss, smooth material, it doesn’t actually contain any silk. We use silk card for all of our laminated products as it has a very smooth and flat surface, so lamination film bonds well and enhances the overall appearance.



Conqueror Laid Paper


Carbon Neutral, high-class, traditional look and texture.

Conqueror's classic Laid textured paper has been the choice of professional gentry for generations. Slightly off-white in colour and with fine linear ridges, reflecting traditional paper making techniques, this is Conquerors' hallmark. We chose Conqueror for its impressive environmental credentials as well as its superior quality. Arjowiggins, Conqueror's manufacturer, works with the Carbon Trust to minimise the environmental impact of production and logistics. Conqueror paper is Carbon Neutral in the UK and is certified to guarantee responsible forest management and production, 'from the seedling to the paper you hold in your hands'.




100% recycled, shimmering pearlescent for special events and luxury branding.

We chose Curious Metallics Ice Silver for our pearlescent products. It is 100% post-consumer. Really! Arjowiggins are ahead of the game when it comes to sustainable, environmentally friendly production. All of their mills are ISO14001 certified. This pearlescent material is truly beautiful. While it contains no actual metal, it shimmers in the light to give a metallic effect. It’s perfect for luxurious branding and invitations, as it can be written on. A favourite for low-coverage, high impact printed materials.




Consciously produced, copy paper for hand-written orders etc. No carbon sheet required.

We use Giroform for our NCR printing. It’s made by Mitsubishi HiTec, who have been ‘paying particularly close attention to the eco-friendly and high-quality production and converting of its carbonless papers for many years’. Carbonless paper (often called NCR – No Carbon Required) is used to duplicate handwriting or drawings several times. It’s a versatile solution for small businesses who rely on written order forms and invoices for example. The name ‘carbonless’ refers to the fact that no carbon sheet is required between the forms, like the old kind of copy paper.


*must be compatible with our printing technology, which you can learn more about here.