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How to supply your artwork correctly for embossed business cards


To ensure your order for embossed business cards runs smoothly and without delay, it’s important your files are supplied correctly according to our guide.

1. Your artwork files must be supplied to us in ready-to-print PDF format and include any bleed and cut marks.

2. Together with your artwork file, you will also need to supply us with a 'mask' file. The 'mask' file is used to make the metal die for the embossing and determines the position of the embossing.

3. The mask file must be a 100% solid black image (no tints or gradients).

4. Minimum line thickness is 1.5mm.

The embossing will leave a de-bossed indentation on the back of the card. You should take this into consideration particularly if you have a double sided printed business card.


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